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About the LKS® Service Network of Concept GmbH

A network that makes everyone strong

Every great idea always starts with the first step. Our idea was to be able to offer a comprehensive service for start-ups with two workplaces as well as for large corporations. We did not only want to sell new equipment but also to be a contact for our customers for maintenance, repairs, and spare parts deliveries - and this independently of the manufacturer, the location, and the service employee.

We were able to realise this vision thanks to a broad network. More than 100 service and solution partners for office communication and organisation in Europe, with a focus on Germany and Austria, are now part of the LKS® Group network. This means that even smaller specialist dealers are able to offer their customers a comprehensive and standardised complete service for printers and other office equipment. Each of our partners can guarantee uniform service standards across countries - covering all aspects of rollout, maintenance, cleaning, repair, and supply of consumables.

A brief look back...

The birth of our company and the later LKS® service took place in 1995. Founder and managing director Adam Wolf actually came from a tool and jig making background, but was no longer able to pursue his work for health reasons. He took up a business idea from Hamburg and went into business for himself with a toner cartridge recycling service. Through the close contact with customers during the delivery of toners, Adam Wolf recognised the great need for a repair service. The founder then trained himself further without further ado and attended countless courses, thanks to which he expanded his knowledge. Numerous new customers were won in the Ingolstadt area. Word of the quality of our services spread quickly, so that enquiries started coming in from the Frankfurt area. However, the aim was to offer exactly the same quality of service at other locations as well.

The solution: a standardised, location-independent printer service

Specialist dealers were specially trained in the LKS® printer service and were therefore able to offer the same standard that customers from the Ingolstadt area were used to. This is how a toner recycling service became the first standardised printer repair service worldwide. To this day, the company in Reichertshofen is the training and certification centre for all partners in the network. Currently, more than 100 LKS® partners in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands belong to the network. The same response times, uniform hourly rates and prices for spare parts can be offered at every location.

A few milestones on our journey...

(1) The development of our knowledge and bug database
During our service missions, we realised over time that some faults in the units occur again and again and that the technicians invest a lot of time on-site to find solutions. So the technicians started to document error images and solutions. Over time, this developed into the largest independent error and knowledge database for printers and MFPs.

(2) The development of our inventory programme
Always striving to further improve our service, we decided in 2006 that all affiliated service partners would work with a unified administration. This service administration was networked with all service partners and offered maximum transparency to both our clients and our partners. Clients could view their repair case in real time. Added to this was our MPS service with automated toner delivery to avoid equipment downtime due to missing consumables.

(3) Even more quality enhancements
In order to achieve maximum transparency about the LKS service points, each partner company had a partner profile that provides information about which competencies are available on-site. As a further quality enhancement, we are currently introducing a service certification in order to work in real-time with an electronic work card via tablet in the future.

LKS Service Network: About Us, Milestones of the Journey
LKS Service Network. Our successes

We look back proudly on the successes of our family business

1998 LKS® becomes a franchise system for the whole of Germany
1999 LKS® becomes a triple-protected trademark
2000 New construction of the LKS® headquarters with a new training centre
2003 Development of a franchise system into a cooperation model for specialised trade partners
2003 Dolphin sponsorships and christening of the "LuKaS" mascot
2003 Introduction of the LKS® archive and knowledge database
2004 Numerous awards, including "2nd most innovative company in Bavaria".
2004 Introduction of LKS® toner as own brand
2006 Supplier with all office equipment for the Football World Cup
2007 Support from the Federal Ministry of Research in the development of the 1st fine dust filter for pressure equipment. Development of the "Secofix" fine dust filter
2008 Completion of the LKS® inventory programme
2009 Successful test of our toners in the toner lab. DPEasy toner with highest quality
2010 LKS® inventory programme and equipment management software
2010 Development of spare parts lists for the technicians
2011 Outfitter for the Women's Football World Cup
2013 dpEasy becomes a protected trademark
2014 BioKlick campaign. LKS as an ecological and environmentally friendly repair service
2015 QuB Certification for the Quality Association of Environmentally Friendly Businesses
2016 Loyalty agreement for end customers
2018 Europe-wide installation of the LKS® units. The LKS® service management becomes bilingual

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