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LKS® membership for manufacturers, distributors, project owners and contract holders

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So that you can manage your daily business effectively and economically! 

Europe-wide service network

Over 500 regional service technicians in 21 European countries ensure qualified and fast problem solving. All technicians are specialised in professional printer solutions for companies of all sizes. With the power of the LKS® service network, supra-regional projects can be managed centrally and smartly!

LKS® standards

Uniform training, centralised know-how and standardised and automated processes ensure that the same quality and SLA levels are offered at all European LKS® locations. When it comes down to it, you can rely on LKS®!

Sustainable and fast response times

Short distances to the end customer location are particularly important to us. We already act in this sense and in your sense when selecting regional partners!

Individual service desk

Your customer hotline (helpdesk) with 1st level support, 2nd level support and 3rd level support: flexible and tailored precisely to your needs. We act on your behalf and take care of complaints comprehensively. For seamless customer service that grows with you.

LKS® RepairCenter incl. swap service

Defective equipment at the customer? We keep replacement equipment, components and spare parts in stock and organise advance replacement so that your end customers can continue working promptly in the event of breakdowns and damage.

Knowledge Base

With LKS® you automatically receive a knowledge-based system for your products. The entire service knowledge in one central place about all complaints, data sources, documents and media - either as explicit or as structured solution knowledge.

Managed services for your product

Offer your customers more automated service! We have the right solution for every requirement: fleet management or secure printing. We automate, monitor and maintain all devices for you.

Majority cloud-based

And that's not all. Our services are mostly cloud-based and easy to use. So you can quickly find your way around and directly benefit from the advantages of the service.

Find out in a free consultation which individual advantages LKS® membership offers you as a manufacturer, distributor, project owner or contract holder.

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