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Secure printing, scanning or follow-me print

Safety first

When using printers or multifunctional systems, sensitive data is processed, which is why security is a top priority. In the company, numerous documents (contracts, pay slips, correspondence, etc.) with personal information are printed or scanned every day. Without a security concept, companies run the risk of personal and sensitive data falling into unauthorised hands.

Unfortunately, in many companies, there is still no awareness of the security risk that printers/scanners can pose.
We support you in professionally securing your printing and scanning systems. Many of our systems already offer a number of features ex works that can be used to improve security during printing/scanning or within complete workflows.

5 tips for more security when printing:

(1) Activate private printing 
Who doesn't know this situation. You send a print job to the printer and get held up on the way to the machine. And the documents slumber unprotected in the printer's output tray.

(2) Assign user rights
Multifunctional systems in particular offer numerous options for copying, scanning or sending documents by e-mail. The device administrator can ensure that only authorised users can use these functions.

(3) Encrypt printer data
Activate the encryption protocols (SNMO3 etc.) in the printer driver and then store these keys in the corresponding terminal.

(4) Delete printer data regularly
Ensure that print jobs and settings are regularly deleted from the local memories (HDD/RAM or other) of the devices. For this purpose, we recommend that you set guidelines for data deletion. In addition, we recommend that you perform regular data cleansing.

(5) Deploy security solutions
For a comprehensive security concept, the use of special security solutions is recommended. These help to cover the individual requirements and ensure more efficiency with additional functions.

With the right configuration of your devices, you too can meet the requirements of the GDPR and secure your documents and important data.

Secure printing, LKS service network

Our tip:

Activate the function "Private/protected printing" in the printer driver and protect your documents with an access code. Enter this code on the device display before printing and only then will your documents be printed.

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