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The LKS® MobileTec app

Recording the work input via app: digital, effective and safe

How can the printer service be set up in line with the times in the sign of digitalisation?  This question gave us the impetus to introduce an app that independent specialist dealers can work with. Since the market had nothing suitable to offer, we programmed our own tool without further ado: the MobileTec App. 
The ultimate goal: to simplify service administration and, above all, service processing.

MobileTec, for example, is a mobile order portal that is precisely tailored to technician use. It runs on smartphones and tablets with any operating system.

Several partners were involved in the development so that all facets of everyday use could be represented. Because like everywhere else, you only notice which functions are necessary when you are at work - in practice.

We are proud that in the meantime numerous specialist dealers have equipped their technicians with our MobileTec.

LKS Service Network: MobileTec App

A tool that leaves nothing to be desired

The offline usability of MobileTec offers a great advantage. As soon as the device in use is online again, the data synchronises automatically in the background.
In addition, important information such as the serial number and meter reading - which were often forgotten on paper - are now created as mandatory fields in the app. This enables complete documentation without annoying queries.

One of the things that distinguishes our network of LKS® partners is that we subcontract jobs to each other when there is an emergency or a job site is too far away. We have always been proud of this. Admittedly, there were some problems with the billing in the past. MobileTec is getting rid of that, too.
Many large companies sometimes have strict deadlines in their contracts, so work reports that arrive too late are detrimental. With the MobileTec app, completions can always be made on time.

The advantages again in a nutshell:

  • Precisely tailored to the technician's job
  • Can also be used offline
  • Synchronisation of the data
  • Complete documentation, as important details are created as mandatory fields
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