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Highest process optimisation in the printing sector

Our LKS® printMANAGER is indispensable for anyone who wants to save time and money when maintaining and operating their printer fleet. We create a clear list of all devices for you, which you can access at any time via the LKS® printMANAGER. In addition, you can also order accessories and consumables and avoid incorrect orders in the future. In case of malfunctions, the service technicians are informed via the programme with a click.

All the data you can view through the system is real-time information.
This includes, among other things, the following information: Listing of all devices in the company, location of the devices, maintenance dates, device number, warranty period, matching toner/ink cartridges.

Reorders made easy

When the ink cartridge or toner is empty, the search starts all over again every time. Where can I find the name for a new order? The manual has disappeared from the face of the earth and the relevant part of the cartridge is smeared with black paint. You know this for sure!

Since the designations of printer types and cartridges are very similar, incorrect orders are often placed. LKS® printMANAGER makes it easy to reorder the correct accessories:

  1. Open LKS® printMANAGER
  2. Select device - you only see the articles that fit exactly in your device
  3. Order and confirm with a click

Or even better: the automatic reordering

We will be happy to set up our LKS® printMANAGER to automatically reorder consumables for your printer and toner. You will not even notice that your toner is empty and thus avoid that the technology is out of operation for the time of reordering.

React stress-free to the next disruption

When the word "malfunction" suddenly appears on the printer, panic generally sets in. What is the problem? And how can the unit be put back into operation as quickly as possible?
Simply click on the affected device in LKS® printMANAGER and pass on the fault message via the system. A technician will be with you as soon as possible. You can track the repair status in real time and see when the technician will be on site. You also have access to a history of all faults.

Quality advantage through error database!

In our Error database we have been collecting and documenting problems, faults or even weak points of printing devices from almost all manufacturers for over 20 years. We put new devices through their paces. This allows us to draw on a wealth of information on every device and to quickly solve your printer problem. Usually with just one visit! This saves you costs and your defective device is also ready for use again more quickly.

LKS Service Network. Advantages

Short and sweet: all the advantages of LKS® printMANAGER

  • Free use
  • Overview of complete equipment inventory
  • Information on warranty period, maintenance dates, locations, etc.
  • Quick reordering of consumables with a click
  • No wrong orders possible
  • Pass on fault messages without stress
  • Track repair status in real time
  • Cost saving
  • Process optimisation
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