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Climate-neutral printing thanks to fine dust reduction

Occupational health

From our perspective, ecology in the workplace means that your employees work in a healthy environment. Printers produce a not inconsiderable amount of fine dust, which is just as harmful to health as the fine dust caused by vehicles - except that there are no limit values for offices yet.

Promoting health in the workplace includes first of all saving consumables such as paper, toner, ink, etc. and, above all, reducing fine dust pollution. We rely on fine dust filters, also for retrofitting! The topic of economy and ecology in the printer sector is close to our hearts!

Healthy working environment for healthy employees

To reduce fine dust pollution in the office, we have developed the first fine dust filter for printers. It catches the fine dust before it gets into the office air and pollutes it. We also have printers in our range that do not produce any fine dust at all, such as inkjet printers from Epson.

Thanks to our manufacturer-independent advice, we can also recommend units that are equipped with additional air purification devices. These can filter not only fine dust but also pollen and odours from the air.

With these measures, you create a healthy climate in the office in every respect. Finally, ecological printing is also an image factor, because you avoid heated discussions on the topic of fine dust and its negative effects on health.

LKS Service Network. Climate-neutral printing.

Environmentally friendly printing with LKS® membership

For us, climate-neutral and ecological printing naturally also means environmentally friendly printing. We first analyse a company's existing printer fleet in terms of costs, environmental friendliness and their impact on employee health. In addition, the processes related to the document flow are also examined in terms of labour economy.

Taking into account the existing conditions, we design a new, environmentally friendly printing concept in cooperation with you.

It is our goal to preserve as much as possible and keep your equipment in use for a long time. Through new, environmentally friendly and print concept-compliant care, your printer fleet can be operated in a climate-neutral manner. We replace the devices that are no longer sustainable from an environmental point of view with more modern technology that meets the standard of the Blue Angel correspond.

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