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Here are the most important aspects of why you benefit from LKS® membership:

Reduce operational risks

Especially in the hybrid world, your data must be secure. All our service locations operate with the same quality and are designed to identify and manage your risks at an early stage.

Increase productivity

The hybrid workplace thrives on good networking between employees. At the same time, knowledge must be unrestricted and permanently available. In the LKS® service network, all knowledge is shared network-wide.

Promote innovation

The use of new technologies, global competition, and changing market requirements lead to constant pressure to act. Hybrid processes must be secure, productive, and sustainable. Our innovative solutions and service offerings are always geared to these challenges.


The earth's resources are limited. We have a responsibility to keep the earth habitable for all people under livable conditions. That is why we work with local service partners, i.e. short travel distances and a low environmental impact.

Reduce expenditure

Your equipment and systems are the heart of your company. With proactive maintenance, we ensure that your processes and equipment are permanently available. In this way, we reduce downtimes or even prevent them completely. This saves costs.

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