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LKS® standards

Service quality you can rely on

We are the IT service network in Europe with more than 100 specialist dealers and system houses who together offer unbeatable added value. Founded more than 30 years ago in Germany, more precisely in Reichertshofen (Upper Bavaria), our service processes were and are permanently analysed and optimised if necessary. 

And that is exactly why every member and every customer can rely on the high LKS® service quality. Thanks to our uniform LKS® standards, we have become one of the leading service partners for end customers, specialist dealers and manufacturers in Europe.

Guaranteed uniform standards:

(1) Uniform training: competence at each of our locations in Europe
Each partner technician is trained and certified by the LKS® head office. Only when the technician knows, fulfils and confirms the LKS® standards will he be activated in the service network. 

(2) Uniform know-how: knowledge database accessible from everywhere
We not only train our partner technicians centrally, but also network them. Thanks to the central knowledge database - which is available to all partners without restriction and permanently - we waste no time in troubleshooting or on-site service work. In addition, a hotline with experts is available. 

(3) Uniform processes: automated traceability 
All partner technicians are securely, productively and sustainably connected digitally and all service processes are automated. SLA commitments can be monitored at any time. For mobile service processing, every on-site technician has the option of the LKS® App MobileTec App available.

(4) Uniform security: DSGVO compliant
We attach great importance to data protection, confidentiality, and professionalism in dealing with information. All LKS® partners and their appointed subcontractors have bound to confidentiality accordingly. Each LKS® technician uses customer data only insofar as it is necessary for the provision of the On-site services is mandatory.

LKS Service Network. Our standards.
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