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LKS® knowledge database

Fault documentation of all printing equipment

Which printer must be maintained and how? What error message needs to be responded to and how?
So that these questions do not have to be answered by a technician every time, we have built up a large knowledge database that everyone can access. This error documentation includes technical documents from 1800 device families back to the times when the HP LaserJet II was still in the offices.

Every model that is newly launched on the market is immediately recorded in our knowledge database. This allows us to repair and service any device, regardless of manufacturer.
If an error appears that is not yet recorded in our knowledge database, the respective technician deposits it and also immediately creates a solution instruction to eliminate this problem.

In the long term, this saves time and costs for each
the following repair order!

LKS Service Network. The LKS knowledge database

Our LKS® knowledge database finds defects and solutions quickly and reliably 


  • Error documentation of all common devices
  • Access to the fault database for all LKS® partners and service technicians
  • Knowledge of all weak points of printers, MFPs, plotters & co.


We can help much faster!

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