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LKS® - your printing equipment and IT service network

Excellent quality across the board

As the first standardised printer service, we are proud to offer you a nationwide and cross-border printing device and IT service!

You can rely on the same excellent service quality at each of the LKS® service locations. We can guarantee this because our technicians are always brought up to date in a central training centre. Thanks to our cooperation with local specialist dealers, equipment and spare parts are available immediately. This reduces downtime for all customers and gives us the good feeling of being able to support you quickly and straightforwardly with any problem.


With a great deal of energy, commitment and the will to perform, we have built up the first manufacturer-independent printing equipment and IT service, which now has more than 90 service locations in Germany, the Switzerland and Austria .

In addition, we also offer our high-quality service internationally in the following countries:

United Kingdom





Czech Republic













LKS® advantages

at a glance

Partner with quality certificate

All our LKS® partners are trained and certified through internal training and have access to the LKS® fault database. In addition, the service technicians can also access the device history. Regular training courses guarantee our top service quality.

Technical hotline & on-site contact

In many cases, we can already help you on the phone. 53 percent of all faults can be solved by our competent hotline staff together with you using the LKS® knowledge database. If a problem cannot be solved over the phone, an on-site technician will be provided.

Uniform service standards throughout Europe

It doesn't matter to us where you need us: Over the past few years, we have created a system through which every customer can rely on the same LKS® service quality. We maintain a uniform appearance and also keep uniform electronic or handwritten work cards.

knowledge database

The LKS® knowledge database contains extensive error documentation of all common printing devices. The database includes technical documentation from 1800 device families back to the times when the HP LaserJet II was still in the offices. All our partners and service technicians have access to it and can thus help and solve faults much more quickly.

Cost saving

The biggest item is usually not the one-off purchase of the printing technology, but the ongoing costs for accessories and repairs. Our service ensures that you use your technology with maximum efficiency. To prevent malfunctions from occurring in the first place and expensive repairs and breakdowns from occurring, we check and clean your technology as a preventative measure.

Short reaction times

Incoming faults before 3 pm are forwarded to the nearest partner on the same day with an acceptable response time of 4 hours. A technician will be on-site within the next working day unless other arrangements have been made.

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